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Biofficina Toscana Face Line

A facial line made with targeted products designed also for combined use. The facial serums in particular, both the oily one and the aqueous ones, boost the properties of the facial emulsions, and are designed for combined action. These products are packed with precious plant-based extracts, antioxidant and moisturising active ingredients, including patented ones made with the finest Tuscan organic ingredients: Uviox®, Oleox® and Rubiox®. Profound, complete facial care starting with cleansing and pampering through to care and protection with specific products also for particular areas such as the eye contour and lips.

At Biofficina Toscana we formulate our products with special concern for their raw materials and active ingredients, using biodynamic extracts and state-of-the-art patented ingredients, with the finest local, organic materials. We pay attention to making their use versatile and their concentration high, for careful, conscious use that avoids waste. Our packaging is more than just attractive, meeting criteria of sustainability and practicality too. Indeed, our packaging is all recyclable plastic, designed for quality, easy use, and proper preservation of the contents.

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