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Organic Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil and MCT Oil Tincture 500 mg - Buy direct at wholesale price from the Factory Outlet CBDfx CBD Oil Tincture

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In this incredibly pure CBD tincture, an all-natural product for people who prefer to dose CBD in oral drops. This hemp oil tincture also includes MCT oil, (MCT oil) are medium-chain triglycerides, a form of saturated fatty acid with health benefits like improved cognitive function to better weight management. The delicious mix provides the perfect complement of both taste and nutritional benefit to your daily CBD dose. Each 30mL bottle contains a massive 500mg of full-spectrum CBD.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the main cannabinoids present in Cannabis and, unlike the better known THC, has no psychoactive and  'high' effects, so it does not alter mental faculties and consciousness in any way.

On the contrary, some useful therapeutic faculties are recognized in CBD, such as the relaxing and anti-inflammatory effect, and its use does not seem to pose any collateral effect. Precisely for this reason, the sale of Cannabidiol (CBD) is perfectly legal in the United States and its marketing is not subject to particular restrictions.

The consumption of CBD currently involves a fairly varied spectrum of end users, including those who use them daily as a food supplement, and those who use it for therapeutic purposes. 


Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture  

Your daily CBD intake, just a few drops of true hemp CBD tincture under the tongue. A potent, extra-absorbent dose of full spectrum CBD oil that’s full of beneficial amino acids, terpenes, and cannabinoids.

Create a healthy metabolism while you’re absorbing all the beneficial compounds from the CBD oil. Derived from coconuts, MCT oil essentially helps you absorb and retain the nutrients from everything you eat and drink. By ingesting MCT oil along with your CBD tincture, you’re improving your body’s chances of using every bit of nutritional goodness from the CBD itself.

CBD Hemp and MCT Oil Tincture (500MG) Lab Report

CBD oil: the hidden benefits of Cannabidiol

A natural product derived from hemp and able to bring beneficial effects on the body. These are some of the surprising characteristics of CBD oil, a product that has recently come to the fore in the health field thanks to the recent liberalization of cannabis worldwide.

Hemp is a plant that has been used successfully in various areas of everyday life for thousands of years. Thanks to its intrinsic characteristics it has long been used successfully in the healing field.

In recent years, research on the cannabis plant in science have yielded results which have given a renewed life to this all-natural product useful for improving the state of health of humans.

MCT Oil (derived from coconuts), Hemp Oil